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Posted by kraftymiles on February 27, 2008

Whilst Zombies may terrorise us in that there is the possibility that they are real, (think The Serpent and the Rainbow) Vampires have always seemed somewhat more removed. Even in the early days of Vampire writing, Bram Stoker placed Dracula in Transylvania.

SIDE BAR Dracula wasn’t the first Vampire novel, that one is a lesbian tale from some 25 years earlier. This bears no relevance to anything else here, but hey, lesbians.

See now we need some history. At the time that Dracula was written, we god fearing English folk we scared of the swarthy continentals coming over here and stealing our, well I’m not exactly sure what they would have stolen in the 1860’s. Wellington Boots? A Cardigan or two? So for the reading public to hear about a vampire that dressed and acted as they did; except for the sucking blood bit; was pretty scary stuff.

The theme of removal and outsiders has been maintained through many of the vampire tales of more recent times. Look at Near Dark, a bunch of outsiders come and scare the townsfolk. 30 Days of Night? same thing. Slight twist in The Lost Boys, in that the family move to the town, but it’s still a bunch of outsiders / runaways that band together. Whereas zombies can be seen to be globally impacting, Vampires are all about small town thinking.

Near Dark requires more mention though as it really is an excellent film, infact probably the best example in the genre for my money.

However; where Vampire films differ from Zombie films is in two main areas. Firstly, that they seem to be continually in vogue, each one revitalising the genre. Think Blade, Underworld, 30 DON, but don’t think Dracula 2000, which was shit. Still, always about the outsiders. Van Helsing looked at the story from the good guy’s point of view, but here in this one, it was the good guy who was the outsider, the unclean one.

Secondly that the themes haven’t changed. Does this mean that we haven’t moved on in areas of racism over the last 100 years? Of course it does. Whether you are Polish in England or Mexican in the USA you’re the blood sucking leech. The only difference is that you’re either sucking from the state or sucking away livelihoods depending on whether you have the audacity to get a job or not. Ever wondered why Dusk Till Dawn was set in Mexico rather than the US?


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