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Stupid Web 2.0 Names

Posted by kraftymiles on February 28, 2008

I guess that what with all the cool domain and company names taken people are having to resort to letters in a scrabble bag for company names:; and Knol from Google to name but a few. Simkl? How do you even pronounce that? Flickr has a lot to answer for, as does Wales. Wales is a very Web 2.0 place somewhat lacking in vowels. For example, here’s an out of office reply to a mail I sent earlier in the week.

Ni fyddaf yn y swyddfa tan 25/02/2008. Os yw’ch ymholiad yn un brys, cysylltwch â David Morgan ar…

I *think* it says something like “I’m on holiday, speak to David”. Like I said, not big on vowels, the Welsh.

When it came to me selecting a company name, I just used the Boy’s name, added “consultancy” to the end of it and that was that. SIDE BAR, I didn’t know this at the time, but the “Consultancy” part of that saves me 0.5% a year in tax. Thank you HMRC. In reality that adds up to not a whole heap of beans, but still.

Anyhoo, seeing as successful web 2.0 sites are rare, here’s a couple that float my boat. has user submitted designs, scored by users, printed on t-shirts for the world to buy. Simple idea, and somehow they manage to make people forget that they are essentially working for free for Threadless but still, I’ll buy t-shirts from them.

Mandatory Veronica Belmont moment. to me seems like a good idea, and one that will get better with time. The only problem with it is that it’s not much cop until loads of people start using it and adding content. I’m also a touch wary of the censorship side of things with them. Only taking what people want you to know about seems to limit things slightly. But then Google have been censoring search results since day 1. Mahalo doesn’t really fit with the other web 2.0 names as it’s Polynesian (I think) Its run by Jason Calacanis, who seems to be on the cusp of something here. After all, he did manage to make a packet on the weblogs Inc sale and didn’t commit career suicide at Netscape which hI would have guessed is a hard thing not to do.

And the bad. looks lovely to my eyes, but who on earth thought that it was a good business idea? In case you don’t know, the idea is that you log on, give them all your banking and credit card details, (yes really) and they provide a single portal for you to see all your accounts / bills and manage them from the website. I mean, come on! It’s plastered with VeriSign, TRUSTe, HackerSafe and other labels, but honestly! The fact that it won “Best presenting company in the Tech Crunch 40” tells you something about style over substance of not just but many of the web 2.0 dahlinks. And possibly something about A classic case of style over substance.

The Aero interface for Vista is very Web 2.0, and look how well that performs. Maybe one day we will all have computers that are big and powerful enough to run the OS. Even the Vista Website is all nice and see through green and glowing. Gentle and calming. Something nice to look at whilst Vista sits there and merrily eats away at your memory like a Linux Kernel compiling.

Link for Vista Aero homepage.


2 Responses to “Stupid Web 2.0 Names”

  1. Shereen said

    Greetings fellow Threadless fan. Your post made me check out what Ts I’ve actually bought from them, and now I think I might have a t-shirt problem. Having said that Bad Teddy was too good to miss.

  2. John Kelly said

    Tut – welsh has more vowels than english you know. You’re looking at it from the English centric viewpoint and thinking that y and w aren’t vowels. We’ve got a bigger alphabet than you as well so ner ner! Highly intellectual response that 🙂

    I always thought flickr was a misspelling anyway….

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