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It just doesn’t work

Posted by kraftymiles on March 10, 2008

OK, so I posted the other day about how I had been led to believe that Mac stuff “just works” and PC stuff will require all manner of tweaking to get it right. It’s not been the case at chez Kraftymiles this weekend. Firstly, as previously mentioned, Vista just worked for me. Everything I wanted it to do. Secondly and the point of this posting is that the iPod just blew a gasket.

In actual fact, it threw an “error 48” which as far as I can tell from various resources on line means that a reset is required of the iPod itself as an unknown error has occurred. A complete pain in the arse this one as there is something like 140Gb of music on there in tens of thousands of files. Not to mention the pain in the arse it is to re-do all the podcast subscriptions, making my drive into work a load more boring. I had to listen to the News for crying out loud!

It’s not a massive problem I thought, I’ll just copy the old iTunes directory off the old PC and onto the new Laptop and point the new install of iTunes at it and then plug the iPod in to the lappy. Only that wasn’t exactly as smooth as I thought it would be. Firstly, most of the album art was lost. And that took ages for me to get off Amazon as well. Secondly, and this is a fault of Vista. Halfway through the overnight sync of the iPod Vista got some new security updates and restarted itself, so when I got up this morning, I had to re-sync.

Before I got the iPod I used to have an Archos Multimedia Jukebox 20. I got this back in 2002/3 and used it loads throughout that year, Then I took it around the world, using it as a music player, and storage for all the digital photos I took. It was plugged into tons of different PCs, all around South America, Australasia, and Asia and never once broke. It was an MP3 player, a movie player, a digital camera (all right only 1Mp, but still) and a digital video camera. Again, the video camera was crap. But you could connect it to a TV and watch the movies through it. It had a built in microphone so I could use it as a Dictaphone and also a Line in. I only gave up on it last year and got the iPod because the battery was dead and it would only run whilst plugged into the mains. Oh and bear in mind that before this I used the RioPMP300 from the late 90’s till then.

Couple of reviews of it at

So, I guess that in going from the Rio to the Archos, I was blown away by not just the increased storage (16Mb to 20Gb) but also by the massive increase in function. I was expecting the same experience when moving from it to the iPod, and it just hasn’t delivered. I mean, sure, it looks nice, but 99% of the time, it’s looks are hidden by a sturdy case so that’s not really going to be a big selling point here.

Results of the weekend –
Vista +1 for ease of use; -1 for screwing up the iTunes update
Apple Products -1 for building such a nice looking machine that lacks when it comes to reliability and -1 for iTunes being a dog of a product.
Oh and +1 for the Welsh Team for another great win over Ireland in Ireland

UPDATE: And what do you know eh? Turns out that the Rio PMP3 I got back in 98 wasn’t the world’s first MP3 player after all! that title falls to the MPMan F10.


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