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More Wiki Nonsense

Posted by kraftymiles on March 12, 2008

As soon as I finish off the post about pornographer in chief Jimmy Wales and how it is important to be above reproach yourself when representing a non-profit, a chap called Jeffrey Merkey comes out the woodwork and says that for a $5000 USD donation, Mr Wales edited Merkey’s entry in Wikipedia to remove “libellous” content. (Merkey is ex-Novell)
BBC News Story

Jimbo calls the claims nonsense, but appears to have been hoist(ed) by his own petard in that the change history for that page shows him editing it. And then protecting it from edit by others. Oh dear Jimbob. Perhaps I was wrong about Zuckerborg and the fall of Facebook? Perhaps this years target is now Wikipedia? There has been some comment elsewhere on the web that the internet needs a villain. With Gates retiring, I had assumed that it would be Zuckerberg that would take over this mantle, but then he did manage to come out of that “interview” with Lacey quite well. Jobs does some stupid things (toxic waste to China, alledged child labour in production of the iPods) but then he makes such Pretty Toys. Woz appears to have just gone mental, and Bezos comes out of everything smelling of roses. Perhaps it’s Wales’s time to step into the spotlight?


One Response to “More Wiki Nonsense”

  1. whatonearth said

    Merkey is a nutcase. These pages tell the story about him:

    Jimmy Wales is just his latest victim.

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