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The Murky world of Merkey

Posted by kraftymiles on March 13, 2008

So, after the last post about Jimmy Wales being in trouble again over taking cash from a donor and then “adjusting” their bio entry on Wikipedia, I got a comment. And this time not a comment from a from a bot or friend but from someone else called “whatonearth” pointing me to a bunch of places on tinternet that had reports on Mr Merkey and his dealings over the years. Darned interesting reading they made, and I did read em all too.

So, The post below talked about Merkey suing Jimmy Wales and how this was another in the line of people currently pointing the finger at the pornographer in chief and making him into the internets latest villain. One of the main thrusts of the post was hopefully to say that if you represent a not for profit or charity then you really do need to be above reproach in your dealings otherwise its not just your reputation that is in the balance but that of the organisation as well. So it starts with a lover’s tiff, and to be honest, Wales ddoesn’t appear to have handled that one well, but hey, he’s a geek, and they aren’t exactly renowned for their skillz wit’ da laideez as Smoove P might say. Next along comes accusations that he was living the highlife (or at least attempting to) on wikipedia’s money. Couple that with the suggestion that he was using donated time, effort and money to build a site as a non-profit all the while building a profit based organisation alongside it that might (would?) one day take ownership of all the content generated. After all that, the Merkey case seems to be just another nail I the coffin.
Things don’t always go that way though. As the commenter pointed out, Merkey appears to be a bit of a nut job. You can follow those links if you want, but here’s a taster:

From (a website pretty much dedicated to documenting the SCO case) quotes a Merkey lawsuit from 2005 that had him suing a bunch of people to the tune of $20 billion USD for defamation and civil rights violations. Now I know that the dollar aint worth shit at the moment, but still.
From a piece from a well respected author (admittedly trying to drive page views) about Merkey generally. I.E. that he’s a nut job.
Wikipedia’s discussion page about him. Whilst this one does fall short of actually calling him a nut job, you can’t help but think that once you have read all that he’s done to/for that organisation.

So where does that leave me? Well, to be honest in that original article I saw the fact that Merkey was ex Novell Chief Scientist and the name Novell afforded him some semblance of, well, normalcy in my eyes. My brain did the shorthand loop of well, he worked at Novell and as chief scientist at that, so no need to follow up on his background. Lazy really. See, if the article had said that he was chief scientist at SCO (which is wasn’t but bear with me) then I would have though, hold on a minute and perhaps delved a little deeper. So thanis thenk go to the commenter who not only made me look at Merkey, but gave me some hilarious reading.

I’ll leave this as a final thought on Mr Merkey.

This is a person who: “In 1998, the Fourth Judicial District Court of Utah found that Merkey “regularly exaggerates or lies in his comments to others about events happening around him. It is as though he is creating his own separate reality”

JVM is a smart guy, no one denies that.

But he’s also nuttier then a fruitcake.

(from /.)


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