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Stereo Camera

Posted by kraftymiles on March 14, 2008

A designer from France has been commissioned to design a new Motorola Phone and here it is:

Stereo Cameras?

What on earth is a “Stereo Camera”? Looks to me like a pair of beedy eyes poking out at you..

It looks like a blackberry clone to my eyes, and not a very good one at that. Perhaps Lysandre is actually only 5 years old which might go someway to explaining the square looks and the silly buttons. Actually now I look at them, I can see that they are the same as those on the RAZR and other new Motos.
OK, so reasons why no one will buy this phone.
Motorola’s overly complicated menu system
The lack of a qwerty keyboard
It doesn’t look flashy
Motorola’s overly complicated menu system
If it really is going against the Blackberrys (Blackberries?) of this world, then the qwerty keyboard is a must. Take a look at the Pearl to see what you can do with a good design team and a full keyboard. Motorola really do have to do something about the menus though. Seeing as SWMBO has a moto (the L9 I think) I’ve used one on occasion and it drives me to distraction just trying to send a text message. And of course, it looks crap, so da kidz aren’t going to go for it.

Reasons why I am undoubtedly wrong:
It has WiFi
People like that stupid menu system. I guess these are people who have never used a Nokia though
It doesn’t look flashy. This kind of thing will, I’m sure, appeal to the business market. Not the small guy, but the purchasing department of some compny or other will like it’s minimalist looks.
It will probably be packed with features and because it was designed by a European, 3G.


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