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Bono and Wikipedia

Posted by kraftymiles on March 18, 2008

So as I rather poorly described last week, Bono’s boys have indeed been putting up the cash for Wikipedia to the tune of 1.35million US dollars over the last few years. Wonder what they will ask for in return? As an aside is there nothing that pop stars do not know?

The story at the Reg

If Elevation Partners have “invested” in Wikipedia eather than donating the $1.35 million, then someone is giong to get a smacked wrist! On the flip side, anyone donating that kind of money could hav put it to better use. (IMHO) 1.35 million will go a long way towards providing clean water drinking water around the worlds developing nations rather than allowing a bunch of middle class kids to cheat no their homework.


One Response to “Bono and Wikipedia”

  1. Cheat on their homework? I hope you are not deliberately trying to sound naive. For hundreds of thousands of students with internet access in India, Wikipedia spells hope and confidence. Not every institution here can provide subscriptions to premium online repositories like JSTOR and Oxford.

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