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Horror movie dreams

Posted by kraftymiles on April 10, 2008

Well, I’ve not written anything in a while mainly because I’ve been off out doing less boring things instead.  OK, some of them were less boring, some of them were just needed, but anyway, I’ve not been in front of a computer in about a month hence the lack of writing.

In that time I’ve been put on some new medication and it is great.  Really great.  It’s a lovely combo of codeine, Valium, NSAIDs and Paracetamol.  It’s all for the pain you see.  I take something like a couple of valiums, 40 Ibuprofens, a gram of codeine and half a pound of paracetamol a day.  Why do I mention this?  Well it may go someway to explaining the rest of the article.

You see, I’ve been having these waking dreams, these otherworldy flashes during the day.  I’ll be carrying on as normal, and all of a sudden my mind will flip out and I’ll be doing something else; really involved in that other thing, not just imagining it, almost in a parallel universe kind of way. I’m flipping between my self in this life and one that is very similar in another existence.  Let me give you an example or two: yesterday I was sorting through detritus of the kitchen after cooking up a fish supper and then boom all of a sudden I was somewhere else, talking to Kern.  This morning I was driving to work, and boom, I was auditioning singers for a score.  When I popped back (for want of a better expression) I was extremely close to getting splatted by a large truck meandering its way to Wales.

So what’s the point in telling you this? well in all these other flashes I’m making a film.  The flash with Kern above? a close up shot of just his ugly mug and he was running through dialogue into camera.  The auditioning of singers? that was for the movie score.  I have the song in my head, the arrangement and even know the name of the trumpet player on it (Paul if you are interested) Paul and I were auditioning for a female vocalist to sing over his playing.  The longer ago that this happens, the less I remember about the specifics, such as the lines that Kern was delivering or the lyrics that she was singing, but the atmosphere is still here in my head.  I can see very clearly the pleading way that Kern was delivering the lines, the “I’m dead” kind of look in his face.  I can hear the haunting horn sound in the studio, just him and the lone female vocalist, almost acapella, chilling.  It really is as if I’m living this other life making this film.

So this could be down to a number of things I guess.  First and foremost it could be the volumes of pain pills I’m scoffing every day.  I feel no direct effect from them, other than the removal of the pain I have, but this is probably the side effect.  I’ve also got a HD Camcorder recently too, so I wonder if part of me wants to use it to make this film, some part of my subconscious.  Either way, I’ve resolved from today to carry my notebook with me everywhere and write things down as they happen.


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