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Posted by kraftymiles on May 14, 2008

So WWZ comes even closer to being a reality.  One year after it was annoucend that Max (son of Mel) Brooks’ books World War Z had been bought by Brad Pitt’s production company, a draft of the script has been completed.  It’s been penned by Multi Hugo award winning  J. Michael Straczynski, who wrote 90% of the Babylon 5 scripts and a dozen or more Twilight Zone Episodes.  Sounds good so far?  Yes it does.
However, the problem I see in the making of this film is jus thow the hell they are going to do it.  The book was mainly read by zombie geeks like me, but when you go back and revist it (after of course planning your own zombie survival strategy (Loved ones, Tinned Food, Landrover, Tundra in that order thankyouverymuch)) it’s just really a series of face to face interviews and recollections of past events.  That which works incredibly well as a novel would look awful on film as a series of flashbacks.
Mind you nothing, NOTHING could be worse than Diary of the Dead.  I watched the first half hour or so of this at the weekend with friends and we were all, to a man, stunned at just how gut wrenchingly awful it was.
The thing is, as I think I’ve said many many times before, George makes issues movies with zombies in them rather than Zombie movies.  This latest one is about the always on culture and reality TV and this is set against the back drop of yet another Zombie outbreak.  And yet I still keep watching them.
Although things may change with teh (hopefully) faith restoring WWZ and of course Zombie Stag Night.

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