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Last Day

Posted by kraftymiles on June 11, 2008

It’s my last day on client site today and boy is it dragging.  I’m the only one in in my area and seeing as I’ve got all the work tidied away, I should really be heading off home, however I sit outside the MD’s office and it wouldn’t look great from the perspective of landing another gig here.  It is a great place to work as a permanent employee (great canteen, 7 weeks holiday as standard, other benefits are good) but it can be a bit tough as a consultant.  You see they are a charity that operates as a non profit  but there is no real reason why they shouldn’t be making a bunch of profit.  It tough to get them to change anything.
Anyway, the reason I’m off is that child v2.0 is due imminently and so I’m taking the rest of the summer off and will probably only work part time from then on for the foreseeable future. The Boy is only 2 I’ve forgotten just about everything that we had to go through with him as a baby, and whilst I’m sure it will all come back to me when B is around, I’ve not managed to remember much of it yet.  On that note, any ideas for names for a baby?

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