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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Posted by kraftymiles on June 2, 2008

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and in our case, that last picture over at Flickr
Does just that. It was the last day of a rather enjoyable year travelling and taking photos and you can see that we are just sooo happy to be returning to England. Two days later and we were just that. You see, we’d planned to return to England from Sri Lanka on the 13th January 2005 but we moved the flights forward a couple of weeks to Xmas eve to surprise our parents. So we duly came home on Xmas eve, (the pic was taken just before we got on the flight) and everyone was happy but we were slightly down about the whole thing. Then Xmas day came and went and when we woke on the morning of the 26th we were indeed very happy to be home and not back in SL, where that room of the pic was completely destroyed by the tsunami. Just about everyone we had met in that last month there had had their homes and in some cases family members taken away by the wave.

Like I said, we were glad to be alive.
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Some Rights Reserved

Posted by kraftymiles on March 5, 2008

So, this entry is born of a couple of things. I like to take photos, far too many for my own good, and some of them are pretty nice to look at. When on a big round the world trip I started getting interested in landscapes and took many, many photos and posted them up on the internet. Chase Manhattan contacted me asking if they could use one of the photos for some promotional material. We agreed on a licence for them to do that and they paid me for it.
A year or so later, a diving club contacted me and asked if they could use a photo on their website, I took a look, and agreed a different sort of licence with them and they have it up now.

The first licence allowed for unlimited international use for a period of no more than 1 year, and agreed upon a size and gave me a credit.
The second was under a form of Creative Commons Licence and I only asked for a credit. The Licence does not allow for them to sell or charge for this image, and to be honest, we were all happy. If you don’t know much about CC then think of the first sale as being one of “All Rights Reserved” and the second being “Some Rights Reserved”

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