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Posted by kraftymiles on July 8, 2008

I’ve got it.  I’ve finally sussed out what Apple are all about. 

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It just doesn’t work

Posted by kraftymiles on March 10, 2008

OK, so I posted the other day about how I had been led to believe that Mac stuff “just works” and PC stuff will require all manner of tweaking to get it right. It’s not been the case at chez Kraftymiles this weekend. Firstly, as previously mentioned, Vista just worked for me. Everything I wanted it to do. Secondly and the point of this posting is that the iPod just blew a gasket.

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It. Just. Worked.

Posted by kraftymiles on March 7, 2008

OK, so I must fess up here. The PC I have at home is now about 10 years old; possibly older as I got it second hand from a charity shop. I’ve upgraded it twice to faster processors and more memory and the 2GB disk became 2+8, which became 8+80 which became 80+240 as I managed to convert more and more music. The Floppy drive became floppy and CD, which turned into a CD + DVD, into a CDRW + DVD and finally a DVDRW. USB1 became USB2, the modem was ditched for a network card and then a wireless card and in all this time, the yellowing case stayed the same, except perhaps slightly more yellow.

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