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I’m an Old Man

Posted by kraftymiles on April 15, 2008

So as mentioned previously there is a reason that I’m filling myself up with drugs at the moment so I was referred to an imaging specialist for an MRI last night.  I know a great many people write a great many things about the state of the health service in this country but i was pleasantly surprised by the whole affair.  It was about three weeks from referral by GP to last nights MRI.  An evening slot because one of the consultants in Bristol has set up his own company doing MRI work in the evenings.  Meaning that I wasn’t offered the “pay 300 notes and we’ll get the staff to stay late” option as he’s formalised that and so my appointment from 8-10 last night was all handled in the same way as if it was  done during the day. Read the rest of this entry »


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